A stint in California

I’m of the opinion that being a writer is not about money or glamour. It’s about learning interactions between people in a whole host of settings. That to me is the definition of a full life. Am I a dilettante, a dreamer? ABSOLUTELY. I’ve done many things in this life. Starting out in Germany, I traveled and became versed in a long list of experiences, both here and abroad, all the while being a writer.

Do I have fun? Yes. THOROUGHLY. I live a romantic life, because that’s the purpose of existence. The Vanir guide my heart and will to live. Do I worry about money? What’s the point of that? You can’t take it with you. Some people might say, “But what about retirement?” Retirement? “Heh,” I chuckle at society and their stiff views. There is no such thing as retirement in my book. When I’m done here, I’ll just lie down–if I don’t get hit by a truck or something first–smile at the sky, and die happy and fulfilled, at whatever age that might be.

So that’s me in a few paragraphs, take it for what you will, for better or worse. I will point the Jeep (or Harley) in a new direction. And discover a new chapter.  Maybe I’ll see ya on the pages of life.

What I do

Sincerely, Erik S. Lehman

Biographical blurb from book jacket:

Erik S. Lehman lives in the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, where he enjoys the call of ravens and the mystical, unseen energies that whisper through towering pines covered with mossy green. His lifetime has been one of travel, writing, and dedicated study of Norse lore (his ancestry), while fashioning the Daughters of The Rose series, which he expects to be writing for many years to come. His life-values are simple: laughter, love, romance and magic are the only ingredients he cares to represent.

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  1. Dear Erik,
    I just love your about page, and your outlook. Thanks for stopping by and “liking” my post “Spiritual Bliss”
    Your New Friend, and Follower,

    • Thanks. It’s what I hold onto while spinning around on this blue globe, in order to retain a bit of sanity in this hectic world of rules created by … huh, who created those rules, anyway? Anyhoo, thanks for like, and the follow. I’ve checked out your blog also: I love it. I’m off to hit the follow button.

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