Delicious madness

“My wish is that you may be loved to the point of madness.”

–André Breton


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Self Found

My light it dwells,
Love’s inside.
My outer shell,
The knights don’t hide.

A gentle soul,
Others may not see.
My gaze is strong,
Silence golden to me.

At first glance,
I may seem cold;

But listen now,
If I may be so bold:

They have said, “Be bright, chatter, smile with glee!”
But why be someone,
Who isn’t me?

Does moonlight not shine?

In a silent night,
From She to thee,
A soft blue light,
Is what I see.

A statement I make now,
Will be my Truth,
Inside my silence,
My vermouth:

I found My Self
Inside of me.
I found My Self,
I shall be free.

I still carry my warriors shield:
A steel gaze,
Across the field.
Unto darkness,

My Self

~ Erik S. Lehman

Change Needed to Save Lives

Oregon shooting: This is exactly the reason why I am very cautious using social networking, and why I have turned off replies to my posts. Over the years, in many social sites, I have experienced the ultra-negativity of certain people who seem bent on spreading strife. That said, the majority does not have such evil intentions, but it only takes one to spread the disease of depression and conflict. I will not take the chance, for I prefer peace in my life, and I will not allow dark individuals to invade my consciousness. Social networking is  directly related to so much negativity, and I personally know people who (if they haven’t already) are on the edge of suicide. Technology has two sides …  we must use it intelligently, and not take it personally. If we find our outlook on life affected negatively due to comments from strife mongers, we must think twice about how we use it. Months ago, I modified my use of such sites, and peace found its way back into my heart. I could go on, but I will just say that it won’t stop unless the population becomes more intelligent about technology, and less dependent on the opinions of peers. Thank you for listening. Love.

Why is Coffee Good For You? Here Are 7 Reasons

Coffee was once considered unhealthy, but new studies have shown coffee to have powerful health benefits. Here are 7 reasons why coffee is good for you.

Source: Why is Coffee Good For You? Here Are 7 Reasons

With Hunting (October) on the way, I thought I’d post this.

hornHunting (October)

Hunting 8 — Day of Remembrance for Erik the Red: Praise the stalwart founder of Greenland, and father of Leif, the founder of Vinland. Erik remained loyal to Thor even when his wife left the Gods and refused to sleep with her Heathen husband. Pause in memory of Erik today; drink a toast to his honor. No doubt he gets enough warmth now to make up for his wifes coldness.

Hunting 9 — Day of Remembrance for Leif Erikson: This is a day that even the U.S. Government admits who should dedicate to the man who beat Columbus to the shores of Vinland by over 500 years. Don’t let it slide quietly – write your local newspapers and share the word of the Norse colonies with neighbors and friends.

Hunting 14 — Winter Nights/Vetrablot: In the Old Icelandic Calendar, winter begins on the Saturday between Hunting 11th and 17th. Winter Nights celebrates the bounty of the harvest and honors Freyja and the fertility and protective spirits called Disir, that She leads (often the Disir are seen as our female ancestors). Give glory to Freya and pour a libation of ale, milk, or mead into the soil an offering to the Disir and the Earth itself.

Two Wheels and Magic. A Woman’s Inspirational Transformation.

LANA | Transformation
I grew up on a one-acre plot in southwest Portland, Oregon. I was a tomboy. I grew up with all boys. I remember punching boys in the face and stealing their candy around the age of 7. I spent my time in the forest playing around, and I was usually covered with cuts and bruises from head to toe. I played a lot of sports, soccer and snowboarding mostly. I was super-competitive from a very young age. I always needed to be number one.

After I got sober, life was really boring for about a year. One summer day, I had to drive a car to the river while everyone else rode their motorcycles alongside me. It made me feel really envious. I was determined to learn how to ride.

I wanted to shine a light on these incredible women riders I was meeting and share their stories with the world. That was my mission. I have always taken photos. At first it was just simply asking women if I could photograph them riding. It started off well, and something clicked. I knew that this could be something big.

This trip (a Harley road trip with girlfriends) represents a transformative period in my life, where I am pushing past my own fears and breaking through new boundaries. I think my number-one goal on this earth is to live as free as I possibly can. Not just physically but spiritually. Not let society’s expectations of what or who I should be affect me. Stay true to who I am and live for the magic.

I think the trip overall has made us all really want to be more minimal … In the way we spend and how we live. We want to be on the road more and experience more adventure and go more places. If you’re on a good, strong bike, like our Harleys, you can go anywhere.

— Lanakila MacNaughton


The Nutritional Lies that kill (a venting)

Remember the saying “Milk, it does a body  good?” Well, come to find out that milk is what we should NOT drink. Based on a Swedish study: “For each daily glass of milk you drink, your risk of death rises by 15%. Researchers found that women who downed three or more glasses of milk per day were nearly twice as likely to die over the next two decades. Swedish researchers found drinking more than one glass of milk per day may double your risk of ovarian cancer, while a Harvard study found men who consumed more than two daily dairy servings had a 34% increased risk of developing prostate cancer compared to those who consumed little or no dairy”. (Link to article) !!! All my life I have lived by the following: If you need to take a pill or some such thing to cure disorders in the body due to something you consumed, then you should NOT be consuming that food. Your body tells you everything. I never believed nor consumed dairy (milk is for baby cows), and my bones are strong, I’m 45 and have had only 2 cavities. I call this brief post a venting because I am tired of the public believing all the hype and nutritional “truths”. Again, your body tells you … if you listen. Heartburn? Figure out what’s causing it, don’t take an F’n pill so you can choke down that greasy crap. Pills, pills, pills … we are torturing our bodies. And on and on and on … Society is becoming dependent on a phantom intelligence that swirls around the informational highway, when it is really just a boardroom of ignorance bent on making more of that green stuff so they can buy bigger houses. The list of lies we are told is too vast to include in this post, so I will close this venting by saying: Look inside yourself to cure all that ails you (whether nutritional, medicinal or spiritual), and always steer towards natural cures first. Your body/mind is your machine, you are in charge of it … you can change it … and find the truth within it. Thank you for listening.

I’d rather fly :)

Originally posted on Erik S. Lehman:

Growing up is harder than learning to fly;
One needs truth,
but the other only requires fairy dust.

–Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams


If the choice is mine, I’d rather fly,
and I’ve a satchel full of dust :)
An tíre Aonach; mo theaghlach

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